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Harem Pants

Panta Rei uses a variety of Harem Pants

For more patterns of Harem Pants, go to Aziza Sa'id and


Tropical Blue


Gypsy Night


Panta Rei Costumes & Photogallery

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Costume making workshop
(details yet to be confirmed for 2005)

Morayfield, Qld, Australia
Details to be announced!
Panta Rei's Belly-dancing group
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Macramé course coming up!

Macramé - the art of making lace work by weaving and knotting cords into patterns for decoration, fashion, clothing and accessories
guitar straps,
and more!
Panta Rei also gives workshops at
the Woodford Folk Festival
Panta Rei (left) and the Waves

The Panta Rei Spectacular 2004 in Morayfield

A hand-drumming course is planned to start in Morayfield in 2005!
Panta Rei's Hand-drumming group
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