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Integrated Learning is an alternative to methods that believe that learning occurs best in isolation from other activities. Integrated Learning argues that learning does hardly take place at command, at set times and places, in classrooms with the use of textbooks - instead, learning can and should be more integrated in daily-life activities, such as shopping, eating, playing, etc. Integrated Learning does not separate education from leisure, work, travel, housekeeping and other daily-life activities.

 Integrated Learning Foundation

Integrated Learning was promoted by the Integrated Learning Foundation, set up by Quintessence in 1994 to analyze, document and promote various methods of learning. The Integrated Learning Foundation stopped giving presentations and distributing articles in 1995, but the concept of Integrated Learning lives on at

 Optionality Magazine

Quintessence did discuss Integrated Learning in a number articles that have appeared in Optionality Magazine over the years. Integrated Learning and natural learning were compared with school methods in the article Integrated Learning. For more details on Integrated Learning, see also Learning by Choice and Integrated Learning - the forbidden Alternative.

Furthermore, Integrated Learning was briefly mentioned in the article The Great Separation, in Homeschooling Methods and in About Educational Methods, but Integrated Learning was rarely mentioned in further discussions about educational methodology and ideology.

Generally, Optionality Magazine focused on DonParagon's ideas, as described in Teachings behind School and Improving your Improvisation.

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